AP Literature

Welcome to AP Literature & Composition! This college-level, full year course is concerned primarily with understanding, analyzing, writing, and rewriting about literature. Referring to the literature studied, students develop both oral and written compositions throughout the year. Students will be reading a great deal of classic, sophisticated world literature from the sixteenth century to contemporary times. The course will concentrate on the experience of literature, the interpretation of literature, and writing to develop stylistic maturity. This course is designed to comply with the curricular requirements described in the AP English Course Description provided by The College Board. 


For a list of recommended reading outside of our course texts, click here


Class Slides and Materials

Course Slide presentations are available for any student who missed class or wishes to access notes at a later date. Students are asked to view the course notes any day they are absent to stay aware of homework assignments and due dates, the daily bellwork prompt, and writing workshop prompts. Unless prearranged, due dates are firm regardless of absence.


To access course requirements, standards of expectations, and important dates, please view the course syllabus. All students are given a copy of the syllabus at the start of term and student and parent signatures are required.