English 9

Welcome to English 9: Writing and Literature! The 9th grade class is an exploration into literature, culture, and our roles in our community. In this course, students will learn to communicate more effectively—to read, write, speak and think critically. To increase their knowledge of the English language, students will engage in vocabulary-enriching activities, extensive reading, student-led classroom discussions and intensive writing projects. Throughout the program, students may read works by Sandra Cisneros, William Shakespeare, Harper Lee, Victor Villaseñor, Julia Alvarez, Tomás Rivera, among many other authors.


Reading Response Blog

In addition to the books we read in class, English 9 students are asked to read independent reading books of their choice totaling to a total number of 500 pages. Every week, students are expected to post a blog entry detailing their independent reading book, a response to a quote of their choice, and the number of pages they read that week.

Unit Calendars and slides

Course Slide presentations are available for any student who missed class or wishes to access notes at a later date. Students are asked to view the course notes any day they are absent to stay aware of homework assignments and due dates, the daily bellwork prompt, and writing workshop prompts. Unless prearranged, due dates are firm regardless of absence. 


To access course requirements, standards of expectations, and important dates, please view the course syllabus. All students are given a copy of the syllabus at the start of term and student and parent signatures are required.